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Girls Rock Race Curious: Discover Cyclocross, Sun. Oct. 21

Dirt, bikes, costume contests, running over obstacles, hand-ups of beer and dollar bills — it's no wonder that cyclocross is the fastest-growing — and most entertaining — cycling discipline in the US. Here in Northern California, there are cyclocross races happening every weekend from now until January 2019. So if the above sounds like fun, get ready for it by joining our next Race Curious event!

What: Cyclocross Skills Clinic

Where: University Terrace Park, 369 Meder Street, Santa Cruz

When: Sunday, October 21, 10am to 1pm

For: Ladies who are completely new to cyclocross (CX), or who have dabbled in it and want to hone their skills

Equipment: Cyclocross bike or hardtail mountain bike is best, but a full-suspension bike can work too. Helmets, gloves, shoes and water are a must, obviously.

Cost: FREE!

Led by local racer Sarah Jordan, this clinic will cover CX skills like dismounting, running over barriers and up hills with a bike, and remounting while running. Even if you know you won't be killing it at the races, CX skills may translate to increased confidence, additional speed and aerobic capacity for the trails.

WAIT! There is more:

Participants will be prepared try out their new-found skills at the Surf City cyclocross race held the very next weekend at the CDF station in Bonny Doon. AND .... Beginner women receive FREE entries in that race.

You have nothing to lose and all sorts of new bike skills to gain this fall. Hope to see you there!