Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We welcome women of all ages, sexual orientations, religions, socioeconomic status, riding abilities, colors, shapes and sizes to take part in our monthly rides and events. We embrace an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female,” and we welcome trans women, gender-queer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. We set expectations for all guiding volunteers that a safe and welcoming atmosphere is our top priority. 

In addition to keeping our rides free, our goal is to make the rides affordable in other ways to give more participants the opportunity to participate. Free bike demos and skills clinics are two examples. We have also applied for a grant for the training and leadership development of our volunteer guides, and hope to be able to offer full scholarships for coaching certification to all women who are interested.

Our diversity, equity and inclusion plan:

  • We seek to recruit, retain and develop diverse guides and volunteer leaders who reflect the diversity of our community in age, riding ability and ethnicity.
  • Our marketing will depict women of all ages, colors and sizes, and is designed to appeal to a range of female-identifying community members.
  • We will conduct outreach to local college campuses to include more 18-24 year olds and women of color who may not have considered mountain biking as a pastime.
  • We will conduct participant surveys at rides, events, and meetings covering inclusion to offer feedback to volunteers 
  • We will continue to seek a range of donors and sponsors from diverse backgrounds
  • We will feature our DEI prominently on our website and include it as a continuing action item on each board meeting agenda