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Race Curious - Pre-Ride


Next up in our race curious support offering is the May 27th Toro Enduro. If you are registered for the Toro Enduro OR want to register, we have a last minute opportunity to pre-ride the course May 20th with a local pro. We are working with the good folks from the California Enduro Series and if you haven't already registered, there is still space for a few new racers. We are trying to encourage new racers to give Enduro a try. We are looking to make the Toro Enduro a fun, non-intimidating race by pre-riding together this weekend and joining up on the day of the race to soothe the pre-race jitters. If you have been interested in trying an Enduro race, this is the perfect one. We have limited space for the pre-ride, so RSVP now!