Where does my money go?

We're so glad you asked. It means that you're thinking and engaged, and we love that! 

We could go right down to how many folders and sticky notes we need annually, but we'll spare you the nitty-gritty and keep this list at about a medium level of detail.

Ready? Here goes:


  • Filing and professional fees for non-profit 501(c)(3) status
  • Accounting software
  • Web hosting
  • Audit costs

Volunteer Development:

  • Professional guide certification for our Ride Guides

Events & Programs

  • Monthly event support
  • Community outreach activities
  • Marketing


  • Insurance
  • Standardized First Aid kits

The initial investment across all these categories comes up to approximately $36,000 with an ongoing annual maintenance fee of approximately $15,000.

No amount is too small; we appreciate every thing we receive!

Please donate if you can!