As of June 2017 we have a Board of Directors!

Alexis Morgan

Board Vice President

Organizer, Writer/Editor, Routes & Ride Guide 

Since 2009, I've been lucky enough to ride legendary single track straight from our Santa Cruz home. Redwoods, ocean and loamy, twisty trails ... Santa Cruz scenery renews and inspires me. What could possibly improve the experience? Great friends to share it with, of course! Thanks to Sonia, who invited me to GR ride #2, my list of girlfriends who ride quadrupled overnight. And with dozens joining us each month, you too could be here. I look forward to seeing you at the next ride!

When I am not riding, you can find me online, offering up copy writing, editing and communications to help create outstanding promotional content. 

Juliann Klein

Board President

Organizer, Marketing/Design, Ride Guide

Until 2014, I had only ever been hanging out on fire roads. I had a passing familiarity with single track. Obstacles?! I would walk them. So I signed up for the Dirt Series thinking it would be great to learn how to ride these obstacles and meet some new women to ride with. I definitely got all of that in spades. In the past year, my riding has far surpassed anything I could have imagined. And, as it turns out, I met so many wonderful women that I am lucky enough to ride with.

Outside of riding, I am the creative director/owner of Klein Design. We invent and create amazing digital artwork. When I am not pushing the limits of design, you can find me pushing my limits on the trail, enjoying great food, and living life to the fullest.

Our Board

These gals are helping make everything happen!